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Quality excellence, a priority

  ADES Technologies has always regarded quality as the prime factor in its developments and products. That is why the leading names in the railway, Navy, steel-making and even aeronautics industries have remained loyal to us for nearly 60 years. .

A design office constantly...

… listening to your needs

Our design office designs the product you need according to your requirements and technical specifications.

…watching developments in standards

Our design office complies with current Directives and Standards. It cooperates with AFNOR, UNITOP, FIF and UNM on standardization.  

  … aware of environmental concerns

Our design office is committed to developing products with low environmental impact (EuP - Energy-using Products directive).


  ADES Technologies was certified RAQ3 & 2 (AUXIM from 1982. RAQ/2-5-84-119) and ISO 9001 ed. 2008 (attached certificate can be downloaded).

ISO_9001_V2008.pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

Type of equipment Applicable standard
Hydraulic flanges

ISO 6162-1 and ISO 6162-2 (SAE 3000 and SAE 6000) ISO 6164-1 and ISO 6164-2 (PN 250 and PN 400) CETOP Butt welding head: NF E 48-074 and NF E 48-075

Hydraulic valves Check valves

ISO 6162-1 and ISO 6162-2 (SAE 3000 and SAE 6000) ISO 6164-2 (CETOP PN 400) Directive 97/23/CE


Low-pressure valves

NF F 11-806, NF EN 14601, UIC 541-1, UIC 542, Directives 96/48/CE, 2002/95/CE
Low-pressure connectors

ST M 820 A, ST M 807 A UIC 803-35 OR CEI 61373

Tank wagon valve

RID Class 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 UIC 573 OR SNCF 10-8000 922 M 88-107 TÜV-certified Directive 99/36/CE


ADES TECHNOLOGIE training center:
Our knowledge - your success.

We carry both training in our training center, but also implement custom on-site training to meet the needs of your business.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more training for your employees and your partners.

Troubleshooting - After Sales Service

On the spot ...  

ADES TECHNOLOGIES and its subsidiaries in the world supports you and your customers in their need for service :

Based on a stock of more than 10 & nbsp; 000 detached parts, ADES TECHNOLOGIES offers Maintenance kits of equipment throughout the life cycle. In case of Emergency , we will send you a replacement part by express worldwide.

Repair of your equipment, we offer a service for the whole range of products but also for third party products and systems. According to your wishes after analysis of the need and the costs, we offer repairs -measure or lump contract including spare parts.