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Ready-to-fit assemblies

ADES Technologies’ Pneumatic panels offer consists in fitting its own components into functional assemblies delivered as modules that can be mounted “as is” on vehicle bogies or bodies.

Designed using Solidworks in cooperation with constructors’ engineering and design offices, ADES Technologies pneumatic panels guarantee the system’s airtightness while satisfying weight and space requirements.

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Name Brand Standard +
ades technologies - Pneumatic panels Pneumatic panels Auxim UIC 803-35   
ades technologies - Pneumatic panels

Pneumatic panels   

Category Pneumatic panels
Brand Auxim
Standard UIC 803-35



Pneumatic and/or hydraulic sets


Used more particularly on tilting trains, we assemble the preformed pipework with its components: connectors, hoses, colliers, valves etc. ADES Technologies handles all the related services such as soldering, paintwork, tests, washing the pipes etc, all of which meet current railway industry standards.

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Pneumatic auxiliaries


These system modules come in the form of plates and drilled blocks with flanged or cartridge valves from Auxim, which significantly reduces the spatial requirements and weight of these assemblies. These modules are used for compressed air distribution and control in functions such as suspension, pneumatic shock absorbers, sanding and disconnection. Filters, solenoid valves and pressure switches complete the system.


Custom support


ADES Technologies works in close partnership with its constructor customers and organizes regular reviews devoted to evaluation, setting up the systems, tests, FMECA, FAI, drafting assembly and maintenance manuals etc.

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