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Industrials sectors

Naval activities

Our references in Naval activities

==> Conventional submarines SNA, SNLE

==> Frigates

==> Aircraft carrier

==> Civil boats for the passengers transport, for freight and special

==> Harbour activities

==> Renewable energies

==> Offshore platform

Description of Naval activities sector


  • The development and the manufacturing of fluid technology components and sub-systems for use in naval activities
  • Offshore, underwater or onshore solutions from development and approvals through to production
  • The treatment of operating media and fuel
  • Control of operating cycles according the NAS1638 class
  • Special materials such as: cast steel, stainless steel, cupper-aluminium
  • International approvals and designs
  • Collaboration with universities and institutes
  • Large range of pressure
  • Monitoring of oil cleanliness and oil ageing in hydraulic and lubrication oils

Worldwide technical and commercial support through our global presence