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Gas wagon safety valves

Category Security devices for tank-wagons
Brand Auxim

Safety in transport


The Auxim DIS DN 80 all-weather equipment for gas wagons is a system designed for safe loading and unloading of the fuel in its liquid and gaseous phases.

  • Tank wagon valves
  • Liquid and gas phase (same device for both phases, eAsiar maintenance, fewer components).
  • RID Class-2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 products.


Efficiency in all conditions


  • Manual control (basic).
  • Complete internal DN 80 safety device.
  • Operating temperature: -50°C  +85°C.
  • Can be removed in 80 mm of ice (without de-icing screw, actuating force < 25 daN).
  • Penumatically seal from 0.03 to 3 MPa.
  • Test pressure 4.5 MPa.
  • Open/close control with built-in lock and return spring (no fastening on the wagon’s chassis).
  • Rapid emptying via custom hydraudynamic profile (from cast house).
  • Faster mounting on new wagon thanks to automatic positioning by design and mounting from the outside.
  • Filling possible in gas phase without unlocking the bilateral control thanks to standalone operation of the DIS as an option.
  • Admissible filling rate (with or without operating the valves): 18 m/s.


Kind of construction


  • DN 80 valve: Stainless steel (integral bore, gas and liquid phase standard).
  • Seal: PTFE or Neoprene (with interchangeable maintenance kit).
  • Spool: Steel ou Stainless steel.
  • Control and lock: Steel or Stainless steel.
  • DIS: mechanically welded, 1.4404 NF EN 10088-3 (stainless steel 316L).
  • Spool: mechanically welded, A 350 LF2 état normalisé and TU 42 BT NF A 49-230.
  • Total weight of device (DIS + GAS and LIQUID spools + bilateral): < 100 kg.
  • Interface: flanges.




  • Bottom flange.
  • Pneumatic control (supplementiong the manual device).
  • Coupled hydraulic control, simultanesous oepration of the DISs (supplementiong the manual device).
  • Hydraulic control independent of the DISs (supplementiong the manual device).


Reliable low-maintenance products


  • The Auxim DIS DN 80 requires little maintenance.  
  • Valve seals: replace every 8 years.
  • Spool compression glands: replace every 24 years.
  • Maintenance work can be done from inside and/or outside the wagon.
  • Maintenance manual no. 102 093.


Quality excellence


  • TUV-certified.
  • RID (DEC 96).
  • UIC 573 OR.
  • Compliant with SNCF requirements 10-8000 922.    
  • Prior approvals:
    • DIS: ECW 24 710 A 0198 Letter 098458 from SNCF dated 31/12/98.
    • Spool: ECW 52 710 A 0192 letter 043901 from SNCF dated 6/5/92.